Posing at runtime by dragging limbs?

Just started with Unity and I found plenty of answers about using predefined poses/animations and pure ragdoll. But I’m trying to quickly prototype an application which lets the user pose a character by directly dragging limbs and/or adjusting sliders. So I need to use mouse input to manipulate a 3d model’s pose at runtime. Is this functionality built into Unity, or will I need to code this myself? Is there a tutorial for this I’m overlooking?

Thanks for any advice.

This is the reason why I’m trying Unity! @VoidPotential, if you happened to find a way to do this, either in Unity or anywhere else, I would really appreciate it if you could post a reply or contact me. Thnks!

Hey! I was just trying to do this specific function but I can’t seem to find any sources where I could do this. I know it’s almost 2 years since you’ve asked this but were you able to find any answers for this?