Position a Canvas/Panel outside the screen

I’m making a 2D strategy game ( Think of a digital board game). The game has two parts, several menus and a “map” with a bunch of icons that you click on or drag around. These icons are basically buttons. So, I thought that instead of doing them as normal sprites in the game world, I can simply make them UI buttons.

I’ve created two canvases, one for menus and one for the “map”, but it doesn’t seem that I can move the canvas so I can have them both side by side. I tried making a Panel for the “map” instead of it being its own canvas ( not sure how efficient that is ) but when I tried to move the Panel its behaviour was very weird, it was as if I was scaling it instead of moving it, it kept stretching out.

So my question is, is there a way I can have two canvases or panels one for the menus and another for the “map” side by side so I can see and edit both parts of my game at the same time?

Hello There.

Yes, you can, just adjust each Canvas, but i think is not a good idea. If you pretend to drag things, as canvas have rest transform (not transform) you can have some problems…

MAybe should be a good decision to have the borad as a gameobject and the panel as a canvas.

You should make some test to decide whats better.