Position of bars using Gradient GUI Bars asset from asset store

Hi, i am currently using this Gradient GUI Bars on my Unity project: (Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making)

They’re really helpful, but there’s a problem with them: Since the position of the bar is done using an attribute called “public Vector2 Position;” (from the GUIBarScript script that is attached to all my bars i use in the game), when my game is on fullscreen mode, the bars are at a different position from when my game is not fullscreen.
Then, I have tried to make the class not use the Position attribute at all(i have changed the whole GUIBarScript class to use transform.localposition instead of this “Position” attribute). Instead, use the transform.localposition. Still, it seems like the Vector2 Position works differently from a normal localposition.
My question is: How can I make the GUIBarScript do not use Position and use the object’s current position instead? And how different is this Vector2 Position compared to the natural transform.position from the gameObject on Unity.

Sorry for posting this question here on the forum, but the creator of the asset doesn’t read his email, i guess so I can’t seem to have an option to contact him

The problem is that this asset was made with an older version of Unity (4.5.4) which does not have support anchoring objects to the screen. The asset needs to be updated to use the new Unity UI.

I have attached a Unity package. There is one scene that has a UI prefab. I took the original GUIBarScript.cs and modified it to use the UI instead of the GUI. The new script is called UIBarScript.cs.

The UIBarScript script to is attached a canvas called GradientBar. To change the anchor select the Background UI GameObject.

It uses the artwork and font from the GradientGUIBars\Bars\DriveStyle folder. If you wish to use different artwork then you will need to import it (images will need to be sprites not textures).

Good luck and enjoy.