Position Translation problem

When saving the game (to a JSON string) I have it save the coordinates of the player and the map they are on.
The First Person Controller has the tag of “Player”

		var Location = new JSONObject
			{"Map", Application.loadedLevel},
			{"X" , playerPos.x},
			{"Y" , playerPos.y},
			{"Z" , playerPos.z}

Load in the saved Data…

		Debug.Log("MAP "+Map);
		Debug.Log("X" + CoordX);
		Debug.Log("Y" +CoordY);
		Debug.Log("Z" + CoordZ);

Everything looks good at this point.
Then I wrote a function that will translate the player to the saved coords

public void PositionPlayer(float CoordX, float CoordY, float CoordZ)
		Debug.Log("Send the Player to previous coordinates!");
		Vector3 ReturnCoord;


In this case, I saved in front a large landmark, so I can make sure it worked properly.
It seemed like it worked, only I was translated somewhere else, not where I expected to be. Where did I mess up?
Also What is the best way to get the right level loaded and still get the right coordinates?

Translate with only one parameter moves the object in “Self” space instead of World space, so the facing direction matters. Also, when using Translate the current position matters too, since translate actually adds the second parameter to the current position.

If you want to set a position then just set the position. I mean:

playerObject.transform.position = ReturnCoord;