Positioned Blender models with animation snap back to 0,0,0

I have an odd problem regarding Blender models. It seems that I cannot move a particular blender model when its animation is playing. I have another Blender model that has animation playing too but it can be moved around the scene just fine. Both the models have been created the same way through the same version of Blender.

I’ve included a simple project that replicates my issue:


You can see the two models placed side by side- the car can be moved to anywhere without problem, but trying to move the pyramid is hopeless- it just snaps back to 0,0,0. You can move the pyramid freely if you turn off animation though.

Does anyone know why there is this discrepancy between the models?


It’s a common mistake :wink: You should either not animate the root bone or parent your model to another gameobject in Unity and use the parent for positioning.