positioning a gameobject 10 persent of screen

hi guys I ve got a problem with unity would anyone help me plz,
my problem is when build my scene the objects that were near the scene edge go away from the camera sight with different resolution , I wanna know that how can put objects in the places such as upper left of screen with any resolution of the monitor
thanx alot

The following creates a position 10% of the screen width in from the left and 10% of the screen height up from the bottom. Camera.nearClipPlane is the distance from the camera, this would be dependant on what you are trying to accomplish so you may want to use a different value.

var pos : Vector3 = camera.ScreenToWorldPoint(Vector3(Screen.width / 10, Screen.height / 10, camera.nearClipPlane));

This might help.

oah my god an answer an excellent answer in just 10 minutes
thanx a lot and even more !!