Positioning an object in relation to others

I think this is my trig failing me here - but I wonder if there is a simper way to do this.

I have object #1. It is moving and rotating based on player control.

I have object #2. Call this a target. Object #1 and the target have no direct relationship.

I have object #3. Call this looker. I need looker to always stay on the far side of Object #1 in relation to Target. If you can imagine an imaginary line running from Target, it should run through Object #1 and then Looker should always be just a little further on that line.

I know how to get the angle, but don’t know how to position object 3 in the right place.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Assuming object1, object2, and looker are transforms of the three objects:

var v = object1.postion - object2.position;
looker.position = object1.position + v.normalized * someDist;

‘someDist’ is the distance beyond object1 for looker. Assuming you want looker to look at the two objects:

looker.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(-v);