Positioning an object on a UI object position

I have a 2d world object that I want to move on top of a 2d object.
Specifically, it's an object that's created once user get a score - and should be moved over time to the position of the "score" UI element.

I can't seem to get the world position of the UI element though. The latest version I got is:

if (Target.TryGetComponent(out RectTransform rectTransform))
    Vector3 worldPos = rectTransform.TransformPoint(rectTransform.rect.center);
    target = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(worldPos);

however the end result seems to be lower.

The yellow is the text object which is Target in the code above


The blue dot is the effect/particle that I'm trying to position, and what we can see is the position I got from the code above

What am I missing? is there anything I'm not taking into account perhaps?