positioning Camera when changing the scenes

Good morning world!
I Need a Little idea where to Position a "first Person camera " when changing between Scenes. To Keep Memory allocation as small as possible I want to split my 3D helicopter into three parts/Scenes.
First Scene (Level) is my helicopter from outside. I can enter it from a loading ramp at the back or through a door at the right side. When entering the helicopter I want to load Scene 2 (inside the helicopters back) . From there I can enter Scene 3 to the Cockpit.
But how can I tell Scene 2 that I enter the Level from back or from the side? Same way back, when leaving Scene 2 I have to go back to Scene 1 leaving the helicopter from right or back side and enter Scene 1 at the same Position.

There’s generally three ways to transfer information from one scene to another:

  1. Save the information to file.
  2. Save the information in a scene object that doesn’t get deleted when the scene changes
  3. In your “SceneChange” function, after loading the new scene, transfer the information to one of the new objects before the function exits.

For your case, #3 seems like the simpler solution.