Positioning gameobject in editor

Hi, my question may seem stupid, but I can’t find a way…

In editor I have object with several child gameobjects. These gameobjects are collision boxes. When I click parent all these boxes are draw in editor with green color. When I click some child gameobject then only this child is drawn. So far ok.

But, is there any way how to keep parent and other child gamebojects displayed when manipulating with particular child? I need to set position relative to other parts but it is very difficult if I do not see them.

I always end with try and miss, when I move particular child a little, then select parent to see result with all its child gameobjects. Then select particular gameobject again to correct the position little and so on… Is there some way how to “lock” displaying of collision boxes for parent + all child gameobjects, but be able to move only particular one?

One way would be OnDrawGizmos() and draw the “collider” yourself or some other indicator.