Positioning the on-screen keyboard

Is there a way to position the on-screen keyboard?

Having issues where it pops up below certain geometries and gets occluded and becomes unusuable (unless you bend down to drag it)

This is managed by the OS, I don’t think there is an API for how it’s positioned. I found for bounded apps it usually appears near the grab handle.

it seems if your input field is somewhere far from the handle, the keyboard will pop up close to that… even if it is below game geometry

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I do have similar issue with the soft keyboard. Sometimes it pops up even behind me, so I have to turn around 180 to find it … and sometimes I can’t even find it … This happens in my unbounded app, and my input field is just a TMP_InputField

We have the same issue! even, Apple refused our app because he can’t find the keyboard… Do you find the way ?

the keyboard will often pop up in what seems like a random place but this is usually facing the reverse forward vector of user camera when u first start the app

caveat is that you have to keep track of it

it would be nice if there is a way to specify where to spawn and orient keyboard.

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Another route is that Unity can provide its own keyboard UI that allows for rotation and positioning placement at runtime

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I tested the keyboard in mixed reality mode (bounded volume) and it works great on the device.

Scene Setup: Scene Camera, Volume Camera, Canvas with Inputfield (i added a visionOS hover effect), and EventSystem with Input System UI Input Module. Nothing special here and it works. However, if you are testing in the simulator and the keyboard does not open, try clicking on the very border of the inputfield, for some reason it only worked like that for me in the simulator!

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Hi, @xrdevrob , how about unbounded mode? For us, it doesn’t always happen, but if you could try in unbounded mode with a few different locations/orientations, maybe you will capture the issue.

Can confirm that when we are trying to use an input field in unbounded mode the keyboard does not consistently show up as expected. It shows up in seemingly random locations, which makes it difficult to be useful, especially when it appears behind a user or inside of where they are standing.

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can you get the keyboard to show up in the same direction the user is looking at? it seems to pop up in a random location sometimes behind the user and facing away (or perhaps it was where the camera was facing at start)

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Honestly, I have only used it in bounded volumes and it always shows up correctly there!