Possibility of adding animation files during runtime?

Hey guys, I’ve been looking across the web to find if this is possible, but so far I’ve come up with mixed results. So I decided I’d ask on here.

I want to know if it’s possible for me to create an application in which it is possible for the user to download animation or .FBX files from a database and have them imported into a scene in Unity. This is all done DURING runtime, however.

The .FBX files are from 3DS Maya 2012. I was looking for a way to just import the animation file, but I’m not sure on how to do that.

The ideal situation would be if I could just import animation files and that a script assigns those to a 3D model and it animates it. Though I can imagine that solution is a little bit far off.

Anyway, any help or advice is appreciated, so far I’ve seen a few topics on the forums where people show .FBX importers, so I’m pretty sure it’s possible.

Thanks in advance!

Did you managed to get a solution for this problem?