Possible Bug - Cannot remove script component from game object.

Are there any workarounds for the following?:
On a game object when two or more scripts are attached, if I try to remove one of the scripts (from inspector->RemoveComponent), the wrong script gets removed. It is not possible to remove a script that is no longer needed, or (one that was erroneously attached) in cases where more than one script is attached to the game object

I’ve seen this happen when a script was renamed while still attached to a GameObject. If I recall correctly, resetting the component first (click the gear on the upper right corner of the component inspector) fixed the problem.

I ran into the same problem here.

The problem was that all the scripts attached to a game object in unity need to contain a class inheriting from MonoBehaviour. At the moment I attached the script to the game object there was the MonoBehaviour class but after that I removed this function from my IDE, thus causing the problem described for you.

Unfortunatelly I had to delete the game object and then put the components again in it.