[possible Bug] NetworkAnimator only synchronizes first animation layer

when using the NetworkAnimator to synchonize my Animator, only the first Animation Layer is Synchronized. which is a bit awkard because i use the second layer for walking animations.

am i missing something / is only one layer supported or is this a bug?

thers no mention of layers in the Manual / ScriptingApi.

furthermore, can i replicate the NetworkAnimator behaviour for the second layer in a script?

this is the custom script i made to synchronize animation layers via network. there you can select which layer to synchronize or add more layers.

any recommendations for optimizations etc hugely appreciated

using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class simpleNetworkTester : NetworkBehaviour {

	Animator anim;

	[SyncVar (hook = "OnServerVarUpdate")] 
	float XPos = 0f;
	int animStateHash;
	float animStateTime;

	void Start(){
		anim = GetComponent<Animator> ();

	void Update () {
		if (!isLocalPlayer)
			return;	//only do input and logic on the own player

		Vector3 newPos = transform.position;
		newPos.x += Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal")*.1f;
		transform.position = newPos;

		AnimatorStateInfo animSI = anim.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo (0);

		CmdUpdateServerVars (newPos.x, animSI.fullPathHash, animSI.normalizedTime);

	void OnServerVarUpdate(float newValue){
		if (isLocalPlayer)
			return;	//do not apply changes on own player

		Vector3 syncPos = transform.position;
		syncPos.x = newValue;
		transform.position = syncPos;    

		anim.Play (animStateHash, 0, animStateTime);

	[Command(channel = 1)] //send it through the default unreliable channel
	void CmdUpdateServerVars(float newXPos, int _animStateHash, float _animStateTime){
		XPos = newXPos;
		animStateHash = _animStateHash;
		animStateTime = _animStateTime;