Possible for one web player to load scenes created in different projects?

I have a multi-level/scene game in which each level of the game was made in a different unity project. So when they finish level 1, load level 2, etc., where levels 1 and 2 are from different projects. I can't figure out now though how to load these scenes dynamically during the game, or if it's even possible. I've tried (from the documentation)

`// Build a streamed unity3d file. This contain one scene that can be downloaded // on demand and loaded once it's asset bundle has been loaded. BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer( ["Assets/DynamicallyLoadedScene.unity"], "DynamicallyLoadedScene.unity3d", BuildTarget.WebPlayer, BuildOptions.BuildAdditionalStreamedScenes);`

This builds the scenes fine. But when I try to run the main program that will load the dynamic scene, I get the error "Level DynamicallyLoadedScene.unity couldn't be loaded because it is not added to the build settings." which I know is because I don't have the dynamic scene in the build settings (obviously it can't go there because this scene is from a different project). Is there any way to do this?

Yes it is possible, you just need to call getter function in assetBundle that contains your scene.

void OnSceneBundleLoaded(WWW www)
    AssetBundle DammyLocalVariable = www.assetBundle;