Possible sign-in bug?

I’m unable to sign into Unity. If I sign in from Unity. If I sign in from start up, it just sits on the sign-in form. I have to “work offline” to get in. If I try to sign-in with a project open using either the “Services” panel or “Account” drop-down, I see this error:

Expected 8 arguments to javascript loginSuccess() method, received 7 UnityEditor.Web.JSProxyMgr:DoTasks()


It appears there is some disparity (ie, a bug) between the editor and the account server, at least with my account. The other members of my organization can sign in without issue. I’m running 5.4.0b17, but had this problem in the previous beta, as well. I have no other versions of Unity running on my machine (completely wiped it out before installing).

Any clues? Not having access to our organization’s cloud storage is proving to be a huge pain.


Hello @bantherewind, I have the same bug, did you manage to solve it?

It’s working now. Appears to have been server-side since it started working with no Internet connection or software changes on my side.

I have this problem too. Please solve it.

Same problem here.