Possible to change terrain detail distance while in IDE game preview mode?

I have a simple new project where I just added a terrain and put one of the sample grasses down (Grass Meadows2) and a FPS Character Controller. If I Build & Run the game on Windows and play on “Fantasic” graphics settings, the grass is rendered nicely up to as far as I can see. In the IDE, when I click the Play button (or while paused/etc), the grass is only drawn in detail up to a short distance.

I’m guessing this is probably to reduce lag while in the IDE… but if possible, I’d like to play with the setting and see what amount of lag is acceptable to me. Is there a setting to control this? I tried the various settings under “Tree and Detail Objects” in the terrain properties, like “Detail Distance”, but it doesn’t have any effect (I assume it only applies to trees and objects, not grass/ground texture).

I assume your talking about the texture you paint onto the terrain.

The way to increase that is in the import setting with the texture.

when you click on the texture in the inspector set the filter mode to trilinear. the aniso to max (9). You can see in the preview box how the detail will improve across the range as this increases.

I think you could also make it as one huge texture. that is instead of repeating a pattern making a single terrain, clamp instead of repeat the texture and just cast it out but i’m not sure.

just incease aniso.

in case your wondering this has to do with sampling for antistropic filtering. that filtering has to do with viewing a texture at a steep angle and compensating for issues that arise when you do that.

you can by the way change antistrop filtering from “per texture” to forced on in the quality settings.