Possible to create a Function Within Update(); ?

Hi guys,

I have a Noobish error that is hard to explain but I’ll try my best. I am using C#

I have a line of code that translates a gameObject with a material on it that I’m using to make it look like its shooting a bullet forward.

transform.Translate (Vector3.right* Time.deltaTime *moveSpeed);

Now to shoot left and right in my 2D Platformer, On keypress I would change Vector3.right to Vector3.left

To determine if I’m facing Left or right I have made a bool that already checks if im facing left or right by checking the GameObject.Position.localScale.x if it is (-1,1,1) or (1,1,1). of my character.

The end code will look like this.

if (facingRight == true) {

		transform.Translate (Vector3.right* Time.deltaTime *moveSpeed);


			transform.Translate (Vector3.left* Time.deltaTime *moveSpeed);

Which looks simple and it does work, kinda. - the Problem I’m having is that once the Sprite is busy being translated over time (moving forward) and If I turn the character and the bool updates to facingRight = false. Then the gameObjects will start translating in the other direction in mid air.

I know this is because its checking the bool inside the update function so it is updating every frame. But how would I Check the bool from outside the Update(); function and call just

transform.Translate (Vector3.left* Time.deltaTime *moveSpeed);

which needs to be updated every frame. Can i make that a variable or something? I know I cant create it as a function WITHIN the update Function.

I hope this makes sense.


Why don’t you simply instantiate a new GameObject with your character when the player presses the shooting button, and give that object a certain velocity that cannot be changed. So maybe devide your script in the palyer script that will create the bullet with a certain velocity and then simply let the bullet fly in the direction the velocity points.

Instatiate: Unity - Scripting API: Object.Instantiate

You could also Instantiate a different bullet depending on the direction the player is pointing to. So when the player looks right instatiate a bullet with a script that makes it fly to the right and vice versa.

I hope this helps… :slight_smile: