Possible to see feet via Mixed Reality mode?

Dear all,

Just a simple question, in the demos visionOS, we can see our hands and use hands as input. Is it possible to see feets via See Throught camera ? thanks a lot in advance.

Mixed Reality Mode should show the full pass through video, in Fully Immersive (VR) there is no way to show additional body parts / regions.

yes, that is true, in MR mode, we see the body parts. But my question is more about seeing body parts in full VR mode, like this:

So i guess i should work with ARKit and CoreML in order to see my feet in VR ? Thx

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Ahhh that makes sense. No I don’t think that’s possible in VR. ARKit works for surface (plane and mesh) detection and CoreML is supported but the platform doesn’t let you provide any data (images) from the pass through camera feed. AFAIK there isn’t a way to process images from the camera feed and run ML models on it.

At labs they mentioned you can use Apple’s VisionFramework but I am not sure still of Unity’s support GitHub - wtct-hungary/UnityVision-iOS: This native plugin enables Unity to take advantage of specific features of Core-ML and Vision Framework on the iOS platform.