Post Effect to certain objects?

I’m trying to apply post effects to certain objects - not the whole scene camera.

My current setup is as follows:
Two cameras. One of them renders “everything” (“Main-Camera”)and the other one renders only the objects that I want to apply post effects (“Post-Camera”). (culling masks)

When I use forward rendering instead of deferred, I can add different cameras to each other - and create one final look.

However, if I want to apply post effect to ONLY the objects that are rendered by the “Post-Camera” - it doesn’t work. The effects are simply applied to everything, icluding everything rendered with Main-Camera too.

In a situation like this - how can I create post effects that can effect certain objects only - but not the others?


Create duplicate of your main camera and name it PostEffectCamera then chose depth only in inspector choose or create layer for objects you want to give post effects.