Post process costs more about 6~7 milliseconds when 2 camera are rendering


We have 2 cameras, one is the fight camera for rendering the 3D scene game objects and the other one UICamera is for rendering the UI stuff.

On the fight camera, there is a post process effect working on it for the blooming effect that will cost more 6~7 ms when 2 cameras are working together even if the post process effect doesn’t work on the UI Camera. If the UI camera is closed, there is no more cost any more.

Could any one help on it for solving this issue? Or is it a potential Unity rendering issue? We must use the UICamera for there are some particles displaying over the UI elements.


Make sure your UI camera is not drawing everything twice by adjusting the culling mask. Everything on the ui camera should be unchecked except for the UI layer. The clear flags should be set to depth only and the depth should be a higher value than your main camera