Post-Processing effects are not working after new scene is loaded via Scene Manager

I’ve couples of post-processing profiles that work as intended when I launch a scene from within the editor, but when loading a scene from previous one (following build order), these effects aren’t present. All scenes run perfectly and execute post-processing effects when launched manually, but it seems like the post-processing simply doesn’t load when the scene is started after the previous one.
Connection between profile, volume game object and camera layer is done properly.

Could it be related to lights prefabs? Same of them are used in different scenes.

All profiles are used by main cameras only and are related one for one.

Any help would be appreciate, because after many tries to solve this issue I’m still stuck.
Best regards!

I have the same problem, my first PP effects work, but when switching to a scene with a different profile it doesn’t work.
This is the first time I have used a 2nd PP profile, so am wondering, if it is a layer problem or profile problem or main camera problem?
I am also using Cinemachine and the starter assets as well?
Could it be this?
if you have found a work around, any help would be much appreciated.

All the best!