Post Processing Effects not working despite correctly converting project to URP

Hi everyone, I am a student and for a Unity class we were tasked to work with the Post Processing effects in Unity. I wanted to take a project I had from last year because the lighting on it was atrocious and I wanted to improve it. I converted the project to the Universal Render Pipeline, I followed the guidelines on this exactly, and I configured it/updated my shaders to be URP. My scene looks different and the lighting was a lot better(and just easier to tweak to make it look better). I thought I had correctly changed my scene to URP. But when I go add a global volume and add overrides(I was testing it with a simple Vignette) nothing was happening and I am not sure why my post processing affects wont work. Yes, Post Processing is enabled on my main camera and yes the UniversalRenderPipelineAsset that I created is set inside of the Graphics ā†’ Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings. Please help, I am extremely lost on what to do. Thanks!

@Veochi I am having the same issue if you ever figured it out!

Has anyone found a solution yet? I had a similar task, and it seems to me that the matter is in the Scriptable render pipeline settings. Try using the original settings and see the difference. When I was a student, we had a task to write a script that would help track plagiarism, and as a basis, we took this originality report checker online Originality Report Checker Online FREE šŸ“ which is fast and easy to use. We could create an analog of the program, but there was some problem because it did not work as we wanted. Iā€™m leading to the fact that, in your case, it might be worth creating your own project and not trying to redo the old one.