Post Processing nor working in URP 2019.3

I can’t get post processing to work in URP.
I see more topics about it, but none of those solutions work for me.

The camera options needed to enable post processing for example are not showing up.

I don’t have the post processing package installed as the documentation mentioned I should not.

please help.

Ok, the problem was I started with the universal render template and I removed all the assets.
By deleting the 3 assets shown in the image, the camera breaks.


If you have a project where it is already broken. Then do in the project window, “Create > Rendering > Universal Render Pipeline > Pipeline Asset (Forward Rendering)”.
You can name it “URP_Low_Quality” for example.

Now go to “Edit > Project Settings > Quality”. Click the quality level you named it after.
Now there should be under Rendering, “None (Render Pipeline Asset)”, Click the circle on the right and now you should be able to select the file you created.

Then go to “Edit > Project Settings > Graphics”, and do there the same thing.

I wish I could show more images but the image limit is insane on this forum.