Post Processing not working in Canvas

I am making a 3d game in Unity and added Post Processing to it.
Post Processing working fine in all levels. I have also added it to Canvas but it is not working in Game view it is visible in Scene View only.

Here it is in Game View

I have also change the rendering mode to “Screen Space - Overlay” because when I am changing it to “Screen Space - Camera” the canvas is not showing there.

Also the canvas is showing in “World Space” with post processing but it is not showing properly.
You can see here :–

Please Help Me…
THANKS in Advance

Post processing effects are applied to your camera only. You have to set the canvas to screen camera (like you did with the world space canvas) and set the Main Camera as the one with your PPLayer on.

Not a solution for me. I have a small 2D game so everything in the game is placed on the canvas. I wanted to add some lense distortion and bloom on post processing but realized that post processing does not work on Canvas. I found solution in setting canvas to screen camera but it breaks my game. I end up with removing post processing package out of my project. If you have any suggestions how else I can add post processing to my 2D game I will be happy to listen to them.

I have a quick question. Which version are you using right now free or paid?