Post Processing Stack doesn't work on Android

I use Post Processing Stack for my project with Bloom effect. It works well on editor but on android it doesn’t work. How can i solve that? thanks

I have two Effects: Ambient Occlusion & Bloom! after changing Tier settings of android to match PC, it worked! (Thanks to @swapnil115) but :
PC only shows Ambient Occlusion
Android only shows Bloom
What the Heck is going on?

Does not work for me. Can’t see Bloom effect on Android.

Can’t get Anti aliasing effect to work on Android despite my phone supporting ES 3.0.
Works for Windows though.

try enabling options under Graphic Settings->Tier Settings

In order to get the post processing stack on my android device (with bloom) I had to do the following:

  1. File → Build Settings
  2. Click “Player Settings”
  3. Navigate to the Android tab
  4. Unfold the “Other Settings” menu
  5. Uncheck “Auto Graphics API”
  6. Remove OpenGLES2 and Vulkan graphics API’s
  7. Set the Minimum API Level to be greater than Android 4.3.

The bloom is much more intense on the Android than it is in the editor, but I haven’t tweaked the settings yet.

Good Luck! @sbluemoon

This happened to me too. It came after I changed around a few 3D settings like shadows for my 2D game. Unfortunately still couldn’t fix it…