post processing stack with particle system.

I’ve been trying to implement post-processing stack on a 2d game. so far, it has been working great. the only problem is that when I am trying to add post-processing stack effect on UI it doesn’t work unless I mark the canvas render mode to screen space camera. the problem is that I have a new canvas and I have set it to screen space-camera. the problem is that when I am trying to render particles on top of that canvas I will have to set the layer of particles to “UI”. when I do that, it will ignore post-processing stack effect.

The particle system cannot be a part of canvas in my case as I am using a 3rd party plugin to create weather effect using those particles. any idea how can I do that? anything that I am doing wrong?

It’s not the most performant solution, but the easiest fix would probably be to use two cameras: one to draw the UI, one to draw the particles, and set the depth on the particle camera to be above the UI.

Beyond that, you could start looking into draw orders of your materials: Unity - Manual: ShaderLab: commands