Post Processing v2 not working in Unity 2018.3

I am trying to get some lights going on in my main project using emissive materials and planes. They are providing light just fine however when i tried getting the bloom effect working nothing happened.

I moved to a blank project to do some testing and this is what i found.

Using just Post processing v1 and bloom everything worked just as expected. My emissive material produced bloom around its edges.

Using Post processing v2 nothing i did could make the bloom appear. Added a layer and a volume set to global with a bloom effect on it. No change in settings could get it working. Other effects still worked.

Is this just a bug with unity 2018.3 and i need to just stick with v1 or am I missing something ?

new package manager manages all that remove the older package of post processing and HDR stuff and reinstall via the package manager only. or you Will get errors. keep all your scenes and what not, you may need to [edit]replace your Main camera but for most part it should be a painless setup.