Posting image on FB error

For my iOS game I am using FB sharing feature using following plugin:
Mobile Social Plugin

At present using this plugin I can able to do login and load user data but can’t able to post image on my wall.

I am getting following message on xCode:

403: forbidden

Replacements.RemotingServices:CreateClientProxy(Type, String, Object)
UnityEngine.Debug:Internal_Log(Int32, String, Object)
EventDispatcher:dispatch(Int32, Object, String)
EventDispatcher:dispatch(String, Object)

Opps, user data load failed, something was wrong

I have added email, public_profile, user_friends permission on my facebook app.

At login time I am getting this permission through script

SPFacebook.instance.Login ("email,publish_actions");

One more this I have publicly launch my facebook game app to provide access to other player.
At present If I login using same account in which fb game app created then sharing become possible otherwise getting above error.

Please give some suggestion in this, I can’t able to understand where I am doing wrong.

Well, I’m using unity3D I had the same FBResult::Error (res.Error.Text) text (403 forbidden)
You need to see what the res.ToString() says.

For example mine is

““message”:”(#200) Requires extended permission: publish_actions",“type”:“OAuthException”,“code”:200,“fbtrace_id”:“C3X4jSCm7or”