Posting on Facebook from Facebook's application for IOS. How?

Hello. I make posting to Facebook for IOS.

There is a script that which opens Safari.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class facebookScript: MonoBehaviour {

const string AppId = "8722581399999999";
const string ShareUrl = "";

public static void Sharefb (string link, string pictureLink, string name,
string caption, string description, string redirectUri)
Application.OpenURL (ShareUrl +
"? App_id =" + AppId +
        "& Link =" + WWW.EscapeURL (link) +
        "& Picture =" + WWW.EscapeURL (pictureLink) +
        "& Name =" + WWW.EscapeURL (name) +
        "& Caption =" + WWW.EscapeURL (caption) +
        "& Description =" + WWW.EscapeURL (description) +
        "& Redirect_uri =" + WWW.EscapeURL (redirectUri));


I need the same or similar as possible to the application Facebook.
I realized that I need to expose this type of link fb://albums, to open from application.
I removed all the parameters and was just trying to start open any link, but nothing.

I tried to just open such links:
fb://publish/?text=some text to post

Just open the app of Facebook. (standart page)

What do I do wrong?
I need install Facebook sdk?
What’s the Problem?

Help me, please.

Look into the Facebook SDK for Unity for implementing Facebook social features into your game. To share content like you have described check into FB.ShareLink or FB.FeedShare.