PostLateUpdate.PlayerUpdateCanvases issue

I put in my HUD (a Canvas with Render Mode = Canvas Space - Camera) two Text object to show how many ammo you have in your inventory and into your gun, so when I equip my gun, the HUD shows up with these two Text object and it works perfectly. FPS are very high (almost 110) at the beginning but drop down to 70 if I walk and return high if I stop to walk. The real problem is that after I shoot with the gun, FPS drops down to 60 and remain low all the time.
With the Profiler I identified that when FPS are 110, the PostLateUpdate.PlayerUpdateCanvases record is almost 0.3%, but when FPS are 60 this record is higher, from 5% with spikes of 20%.
I have 2017.4.3f1 version of Unity.

I don’t know how to surpass this issue, because I don’t want this FPS drop. Please, if somebody knows how to fix it, help me!

I fixed it: the HUD was not the problem, but another Canvas (the crosshair). I didn’t think that the option “Pixel Perfet” caused too much FPS drop.
I disabled it and now the PostLateUpdate.PlayerUpdateCanvases record is less than 0.5%.
Anyway thanks for the answers.

To solve this we need to actually know what is causing the problem in the script. You can’t know the taste of new food with an image. Share something like the code which might be causing this.