PostProcessBuild files fail

When building my project for xCode I’ve noticed all of the PostprocessBuildPlayer files are being ignored, and the folders they point to aren’t being added to the xCode project. Not only this but information in the Info.plist file (which I’m modifying Unity side through Prime31’s menu item on the toolbar) is also being ignored. My colleague believes the problems with the postprocess files and the plist are one in the same…Unity simply failing to add the relevant information to my xCode project.

I’m sure I’ve probably just missed some checkbox in the player settings somewhere but I’ve no idea how to resolve this issue. Anybody seen this before? Dragging the files from the Editor folder everytime I want to do a fresh replace is a bit of a chore to be honest, and manually typing the URLSchemes in the plist everytime is a nightmare.


For anybody else getting this, the solution was to simply delete and re-import the plugins. I read somewhere that this problem may arise when you duplicate an existing project which in this case rings true.

I’m having the same problem, but new import does not fix it for me.

I’m using unity 3.5 0f5 and xCode 4.3.2

When building the xCode Project out of Unity, the Finder should report, that the Game Center Plugin has been successfully integrated. But it doesn’t.

I think it maybe, that unity does not have the connection to xCode, since there is no Developer Folder in the root directory.

Any help would be much appreciated.