Postprocessing same Bloom parameters on two URP projects give different result.

Setting the same parameters to a Global volume, give hugely different results…

Where can this setting be that causes this behavior?

Can the camera cause this? It is a [CameraRig] on the steam version, and just an ordinary camera on the Oculus version.

The materials are the same emissive materials on both project (identical .mat files), same version of Unity. Identical Player Settings.

Ok, it took me a lot of time, but here is the answer if anyone should run into this with steamvr.

The [CameraRig] prefab in steamvr has HDR coloring disabled. It must be enabled for bloom to work as it should or the settings will affect every object. You will think it’s working because you see the effect when changing intensity and other settings, it’s just impossible to get it to make sense with the materials you have given emissive properties.