postScore Server Side Highscores tutorial

Hello, I got this Sever Side Highscores working, but only for getting the scores. I mean, the function getScores() works well, but not the postScore(name, score);

What am I doing wrong ?

function Start() {


function postScore(name, score) {
//This connects to a server side php script that will add the name and score to a MySQL DB.
// Supply it with a string representing the players name and the players score.
var hash=Md5.Md5Sum(name + score + secretKey); 

var highscore_url = addScoreUrl + "name=" + WWW.EscapeURL(name) + "&score=" + score + "&hash=" + hash;

// Post the URL to the site and create a download object to get the result.
hs_post = WWW(highscore_url);
yield hs_post; // Wait until the download is done
if(hs_post.error) {
    print("There was an error posting the high score: " + hs_post.error);

Looks like the problem is then i call "postScore("test","352")" but what is wrong? The error i've got is: *InvalidProgramException: Invalid IL code in HSController/$postScore$2/$:MoveNext (): IL_0029: add

HSController:Start() (at Assets/Scripts/HSController.js:6)*

This line (6) indicated by the error is the first line of start function (postscore("test", "634";)



function postScore(name:String, score:int) {


function Start() {

Now it works fine!