Potential Bug in Audio Compression Settings

Howdy folks,

We just recently upgraded to Unity 3.2.0f4 and are having issues with audio compression settings. We are using external source control and it appears that unity is ignoring/reverting the audio settings in the meta files. When we change the audio compression for an audio file in the inspector, the meta files are updated and everything works. However, when we check in the changes and then check them out on another workstation, we get the importing resources dialog, however our compression settings do not stick. When we examine that file in the inspector they compression setting do not represent the checked in values.

Another way to see this is to edit the meta file directly and change the compression (quality) setting. In our case this was from 0 to 0.2. Save the meta file and open unity. Then look at the meta file and it has been changed, by the editor, back to the original value (0) and the audio file appears unchanged in the Inspector.

This is causing us to have to setup out audio settings on all development and build machines. Anyone else experiencing this?

This is fixed in the upcoming 3.4.

Søren Christiansen