Potentially inappropriate content

I am testing muse sprite generator. I got a lot of failed result “Potentially inappropriate content”

  • What is the point of returning the result ? Just give me immediately another “appropriate result”
  • I think I am old enough to decide what is appropriate or not
  • Retry never work
  • Each failed generation still use muse points

Thank you @thibouf for testing out the Muse Sprite Generator!

You mentioned some great key points! While we are improving our model, let me give you some visibility.

This is completely fair, it’s just that our current model is returning some false positives on NSFW checks which is why some images are blocked.

How the Retry button works is that, it rerolls with a different seed so that it may return an image. However, given how stringent the model is currently, it may take a few retries to get an image back.

This is similar under the hood when we do automatic retries. The downside to this is, it’ll take 3 times longer if we do 3 automatic retries. Considering the additional waiting time, GPU cost and low success rate, we decided it’s best to not do that and instead, have a Retry button should users decide to reroll. While in the meantime, we continue to improve the model and safety checks to reduce the likelihood of false positives so as to improve the success rate.

However, you are absolutely right that failed generations shouldn’t cost any Muse points. We have notified the team and is currently looking into this issue.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback!

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We will have a fix where inappropriate never reach you (we will redo it in the backend) so you will always get valid results.

Lucky there’s no points limit for now :stuck_out_tongue: