Powerful In-Game Console Tool [Atomic Console]

I'm thrilled to announce my first asset on the Unity Asset Store: Atomic Console. This powerful tool is designed to handle over 1000+ commands with zero performance loss.
Key Features:
- Optimized Performance: Handles extensive commands without affecting game performance.
- Multiline Command Invocation: Execute multiple commands simultaneously.
- User-Friendly Editor: Intuitive interface for easy command management.
- Secure Command Execution: Includes a log-in system for protected commands.
- IMGUI Implementation: Sleek and efficient console design.
- Versatile Command Handling: Supports both static and non-static commands.
- Custom Mapping Editor: Tailor command processing to your needs.
- Command List Viewer: Manage commands effectively, with options to disable them temporarily.
- Auto-fill, Suggestions, and History: Enhance your command input experience.
- Sleep Mode: Collects logs even when the console is not active.
- Customizable Skins: Comes with 5 pre-made skins and a skin editor for personalization.
Create commands for any method or field in your scripts with ease. Atomic Console's powerful Assembly Generator compiles all commands, ensuring no performance loss when starting Play mode or launching your application.

Asset : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/atomic-console-265869 30% off for two weeks!

If you have any suggestions or comments about Atomic Console, please feel free to share them. I'm always looking to improve!

Version 1.1
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where fields could not accept decimal values. The console now correctly handles float, double, and decimal types for both commands and fields, allowing for more precise value manipulation.

Version 1.2

Demo Scene for Preview: Introduced a new demo scene to provide users with a hands-on preview of the console's capabilities.

Expanded Log Types: Enhanced the logging system by adding several new log types, offering more granularity and control over log categorization. The new log types include Network, NetworkError, NetworkWarning, Object, Material, Info, System, Audio, Critical, GameState, Physics, AI, and Input. Each log type has been assigned a unique color for easy identification in the console.