Powerful Low Draw Call Volume Light Light Effect Solutions Now on the Asset Store!

Light Effect Pack Now Available on the Asset Store!

To buy go here:
Light Effect Pack

I've seen how heavy camera and light effects can be such as sun shafts, volume light, and other light effects. That's why I've created a Unity light effect package to take the place of computer heavy effects.

All I used in example 2 were my light textures, you can use them for anything. The car model had 100,000 polys and I can still achieve great fps because you use the performance where it's needed and not waisted on heavy camera and light effects.

The possibilities to what you can do with these light effects are endless!


You get 37 light effect textures for only $10 and it comes with the billboarding script!

To try the examples here:

Light Shafts and Dungeon Effects:
Light Shafts Example

Car Headlights and Streetlights
Headlight Example

• The light effect package comes with 7 light casting effects and 29 outer light glare effects!
• Each of the light effects takes 1 to 5 draw calls and that's it! You can make your scene look great without wasting performance.
• The effects have a script that billboards them so it automatically turns to the players position to give a great looking effect with no cost to performance. You can use this script to billboard anything you want for even more customization.
• Comes with 2 full scenes (Ones shown below car and dungeon) so you can see the light cast in action and the outer light effect in action also. (Both examples above are included!)
• Done through the security of the trusted The3dstudio.com website.
• Can even be used for iphone or other low draw call needed devices.

Good job, it is looking good.

@unity3dx Thanks! it's one of the most popular art packages on the Asset Store.

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you like using the word popular when describing your stuff :wink:

“Cypress Oak Forest Pack (Insanely Popular!!)” he must be ‘Insanely rich’.