Powerpoint presentation in Unity

Hello. I’m developing a survival game for PC, Android and PS3, and I’ve made a web browser with a very big pack of slides with clicking functionalities to change from page to page. The thing is, I want to add the PowerP presentation to the game’s computer screen to have a good experience.

I’d like to know if there’s any way to put that PowerP presentation inside Unity and how, while keeping it interactive.

There is no super simple power point importer for unity. I don’t really know why you want to import it to unity when powerpoint does exactly what you need but whatever. My suggestion would be as follows:

  • Screenshot every single slide in powerpoint
  • Import all these images into unity as sprites
  • Add the all to the scene starting as invisible except the first
  • Make a script that enables the next one and disables the previous one whenever you click.