pragma strict equivalent for Boo - does it exist and should it be used?

Question about Boo number 45.

In UnityScript we can use it for performance optimization and as a requirement for compiling for mobile. What about in Boo?

We also have implicit / dynamic typing here (or is it?), but unlike in UnityScript (also called JavaScript) it does compile without issues to mobile.

So, is there an equivalent of pragma strict for Boo (unify makes it seems like there is)?

And do we need it / Is there any gains on using it?

From the docs, I’d believe the answer to the first question is “there is no equivalent” nullifying the second one.

Type inference is not dynamic typing. It works fine with Unityscript on mobile and #pragma strict has nothing to do with it. The page you linked to applies equally to Unityscript. Also, #pragma strict is not really an optimization, it merely prevents dynamic typing from compiling. If code you write is already compliant with #pragma strict, adding it will do nothing.

Anyway, the answer is no.