pragma strict on a editor script.

I have these 2 errors when enabling pragma strict on a simple editor script:

Assets/StasisDevelopments/power set/files/scripts/editor/testeditor.js(8,24): BCE0019: ‘value1’ is not a member of ‘UnityEngine.Object’.

Assets/StasisDevelopments/power set/files/scripts/editor/testeditor.js(8,73): BCE0019: ‘value1’ is not a member of ‘UnityEngine.Object’.

I made this little test to easily duplicate the problem and I use javascript/uniscript

test.js :

#pragma strict
var value1 : boolean = false;

testeditor.js :

#pragma strict
@CustomEditor (test)
class testeditor extends Editor
	function OnInspectorGUI() 
    	target.value1 = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("Value1", target.value1);

Commenting out pragma strict makes it works fine.

#pragma strict causes the coding to force unity to show errors on anything that the editor will normally “let slide.” This gives you an error-proof debugging system instead of having warnings when you compile.