#pragma strict problem

i am trying to port our game to android, and i am going through scripts and trying to
resolve issues with dynamic typing. i managed to fix most of the things but i can not figure out one of them.

i have these two variables:

var CylinderCollider : Transform; //this one is set in inspector (ColliderObject)
private var CylinderColliderScript : ColliderObject;

later in awake i get reference to CylinderColliderScript like this:

CylinderColliderScript=GameObject.Find("ColliderObject").GetComponent("ColliderObject") as ColliderObject;//i already fixed this so this is not an issue i guess

later when i want to set the height of the cylinder it gives me error
(it works in editor but for android build it complains)


i guess it is problem with typing, can somebody help me with this?


For the sake of later readers:

var capsule = collider as CapsuleCollider;
capsule.height = ...;

or even:

(collider as CapsuleCollider).height = ...;

These are fully strict-compliant, do not require pragma downcast, and give full performance.