#pragma warning disable on a global scale from within 1 script only?

I was wondering if there's a way to globally disable warning messages on all scripts, from 1 main script containing all #pragma warning disable error numbers?

Sorry, I deleted away my earlier comment. Should have commented instead of answered. But now I have found out the answer to my needs.

Ok for JS n boo users, please refer to unity manual. For c# users, create a file n name it smcs.rcp. Save this file under your assets/ folder. As for what to key in, you can either do a ‘smcs -help’ n find out all the options or key ‘man smcs help’ or something similar on the Internet. It will retrieve manual pages of smcs options. These are served as arguments to the compiler when it begins its compilation. You will ONLY notice the difference ONCE you update your scripts.

Ok, for a simple example, I need to disable warnings that imported packages always prompt. I have decided not to change their scripts as the updates will overwrite mine. Hence, create the file as I mentioned above and to disable the warnings, just key -nowarn:XXXX, where the XXXX is the number code of your warning. Voila! It works like charm.

As for c# editor’s warnings or other global settings for it, create gmcs.rcp file instead.

For .NET 4.x the file is csc.rsp and the text insede looks like -nowarn:CS0414,CS0649