Preallocated ex2D sprite animation object not animate.

Hi community,

I got a problem with exSpriteAnimation. I create some sprite animation objects in object pool, so I can reuse them to improve performance. When the objects pool used in one scene, everything is fine, so I start to use the objects pool in all scenes. There’s no problem for exSprite pool objects, but for exSpriteAnimation pool object things not go very well. Nearly all sprite animation object not playing, just showed the first frame. After check the source code of exSpriteAnimation, still have no idea where is wrong. Anyone met similar problem before?

That’s likely to be an ex2d bug. I have to do a weird hack for this to work, like:

private exSprite sprite;

void OnEnable()
 sprite.Invoke("Awake", 0f);

Its Awake function is protected, but callling it through an Invoke will make the sprite update again.