Precise Hitboxes for third person game..animating mesh colliders..?,How to create precise HITBOX for a third person game that takes care of combat aswell as locomotion flawlessly?

I would like to make my third person project realistic by creating precise hitbox for my character for detailed interactions…Use of capsule+rigidbody is just a lame excuse for character control…It takes away realism from aspects such as combat and locomotion.

I tried using collection of primitive colliders for the cause…but it just adds jitters to the animation due to internal collisions and the character cant even stand.

I cant parent mesh colliders to bones as my meshes are collectively formed in number of files less than that of bones.

Using capsule collider is just lame and primitive colliders just make the matter worse.

What should be the approach to bypass this inability of the engine?

I might as well drop unity and go back to hard coding…atleast I might be in control that way of programming and not just scripting to no avail. ,Many people use capsule+Rigidbody for third person games…But I am trying to make my animations and how the character interacts with objects precise…I am unable to parent mesh colliders to bones as the meshes of my mixamo(Adobe) character are not distinct as the bones(Meshes are collective in single file).

Further using just a capsule limits my game mechanics such as throwing precise kicks and punches.

I have tried using collection of primitive shape colliders (by parenting them individually to bones)…but apparently character cant even stand straight if this method is implemented and animations are jittery and hindered due to internal collisions of the primitive colliders……….

At this point…I think its better to drop unity and start from win32 terminal atleast I will be in control of what I can do……….

Admit it capsule is lame and collective primitive colliders just make it worse.