Precise position detection

Hi everybody,

I’m making a 3d tile based game, and I have some characters walking on tiles.
I wan’t them to be physics, so I just tell them “walk in front of you” until you hit a trigger and make an action.

But the thing is, I want to check an action exactly when the character is in the center of the tile.

But because he’s walking with a speed, I’m not gonna be able to be always on the center of the tile on a frame.

Do you have a solution ?
With triggers will be best for me

Thanks !

If you cross over the center during a frame, it is impossible. You will most likely always be either side of it, unless you’re walking very slowly. A small trigger box or sphere relative to the size of the tile, but as large as the distance travelled in 1 frame should do it.

Hum there is no solution other than that ?
I can make a tiny trigger for the tile, but I have to make a tiny trigger for the character too, and that will not be exactly precise …

If someone has made something or has an other solution I’m happy to hear :slight_smile:

Thanks !