Predesigned textures to use for buttons


I have predestined 2D button images with text like back and play already on them.
My question is how do I use these designed buttons as gui without adding any text or anything of the sort and placing these buttons at specific locations. I don’t get how I can use gui style as the button is already designed with given dimensions in pixels and already has text.
I have seperate back button and exit button etc designs.

How do I incorporate these designs as is in specific locations using code.


If you are using 4.6 UI then add the button to the image component.

If you are using OnGUI then add it to the GUISkin. You can define custom controls in your GUISkin for each button image type. You can alternatively pass in the image as a argument to GUI.Button

Either way you can set the parameters so it doesn’t scale. Or you can use nine slicing if your image is designed for it.