Predict next fixedupdate frame Rigidbody position

Hey guys, I’m trying to predict a Rigidbody’s next frame position only based on its velocity. No collisions need to be calculated, only the position. I’m trying to keep the calculations in fixed update because that’s where I run my physics code.

Predicting the position from a velocity is simply a matter of multiplying the velocity by the time.
position + velocity * Time.fixedDeltaTime. You must also understand that the velocity resulting of AddForce and other operation will be only available after the next “simulation”.

The effects of the forces applied with this function are accumulated at the time of the call. The physics system applies the effects during the next simulation run (either after FixedUpdate, or when the script explicitly calls the Physics.Simulate method). [1]

[1] Unity - Scripting API: Rigidbody.AddForce

It is a pretty strange requirement to “predict” the position of a rigidbody on the next frame. Maybe you should reiterate your requirement and see if there is something else that can be done that would be more intuitive.