Predicting rigid body location in the future

Is there a way to "fast forward" the physics simulation to a predetermined amount of ticks?

What I'm looking for is the effect usually found in computer pool/billiard games where the game can predict the ball location and plot its path in the future before the shot was made.

Maybe something where you save the time, then you play it, so you see how long (Pause after seconds), then reset the time to before... If that makes sense...

Look up pause menu's and stuff, they use this to do it...

Interesting question though =).

sadly i have the same problem, but the way that can be done, is that with your physics knowledge anticipate it yourself i made it for a parabolic example, like a cannon shooting at a certain angle in your case of the pool game is easier, you need to just define the moving and then add the new position, like if you are on the position (0,0,0) and your velocity is (2,1,0), after a second your position will be (2,1,0), the next second it will be (4,2,0), the third second will be (6,3,0), etc...

i think that you need this is for makin a lineRender to show where is going to hit

|    / \                |
|   /   \      /        |
|  o     \    /         |
|         \  /          |

being the "o" the ball and the / the lines of your trayectory

with that line you can have a value of x, y or x and z (depends of your workin axis) and making your vector of velocity with this values and then using the physics to make your trayectory

on google are lots of physics formulas, but this is the main idea of what you need to do

hope you dont have to do it parabolic cuz the unity physics are very realistic and make it very hard to calculate it with the gravity, air drag, drag, etc..

hope this answer helps you =)

No. Unity's physics aren't predictable enough for something like a pool game or a golf swing - you can predict the general direction but you can't get an exact measure (according to the five or so other questions exactly like this one). If you need precision you'll need to roll your own game-specific physics. Not too horribly difficult with pool since everything is representable by simple shapes.