Prefab animations keeps teasing me

Help. I’m going nuts here. I have fixed the problem, but in a very stupid way, but couldn’t find a better way. It’s do-able at this moment, but if I ever end up in a position like this again I would love to know a better way of handling this problem:

First I created a GameObject (Let’s call it Banana) and added all the needed scripts and everything. Also added an animation called IdleBanana. When everything was set up I added this one to prefabs for easy grabbing later
Now I needed to create another prefab that was 90% the same as this one (only animation and a few properties was different), so I came up with the brilliant idea: Let’s just duplicate the Banana prefab, rename it to Carrot, change the needed properties and drag the Carrot into the scene to change the animation of the Carrot
So I played a bit around with the animator by creating a new animation called IdleCarrot and did the animation. In the animator for Carrot I removed the old animation IdleBanana

Here I thought that everything was just perfect. I would now have a Banana prefab with the IdleBanana animation and I would have a Carrot prefab with the IdleCarrot animation. Right? Nope, very very wrong. My Banana prefab now has the IdleCarrot animation

I then tried to pull the Banana prefab into the scene again so I could fix the animation (arrrggg, why can’t I easily load an animation into an objects animation). Created the IdleBanana animation again and then in the end realize that my Carrot now had the IdleBanana animation instead of the IdleCarrot

With other words: If I duplicate a prefab, the duplicate and the original are forever bound together. Very annoying

The way I “fixed” it was pretty much by starting over. To be on the safe side I deleted both prefabs, created two new GameObjects in the scene (one for each) and recreated them from scratch one by one. Then at the end I added them as prefabs one by one, so they would not be connected in any way
Currently it was do-able as it was simple GameObjects with simple scripts and simple animations, but had it been more advanced I would have gone nuts

What would be the best way to handle a situation like this? Where I have one prefab I would like to duplicate (without any connection to the original) so I wouldn’t have to create a new prefab from scratch?

google nested prefabs